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Beautiful beaches, exquisite sights and places, amazing food and drinks, and a potpourri of cultures; these and more are what a vacation in the Maldives offers. Think about the roar of the ocean and the peace that the waves offer — a beautiful paradox; the welcoming embrace of the local people, the local foods and cuisine experience, events and cultural activities that make a vacation a wholesome experience, and you will understand why it requires comprehensive planning. Enter 360 Degree World. 

No one wants to have to plan endlessly, worrying about hotel preparations, tours, and activities when they get to the Maldives. First, there are more than 1,100 Islands in the Maldives and finding the perfect one for you and your loved ones to vacation in, is like sifting through tons of files inthe office. Trust us when we say, nobody wants planning for a vacation; feeling like a Monday morning. This is why it is best to leave it with the professionals; your 5-star vacation experience should begin the moment you decide you are heading to the Maldives. 

Extraordinary service, unbeatable experience

Call us the Maldives Specialists and you will be perfectly on your mark. Our entire goal is to provide the most pleasant experience for you and your loved ones. Honeymoons are meant to be special; a time where two people get an escape from the bustling city to have the best of times with each other. Imagine this at one of the world's finest beach destinations, relaxing at the shore with the love of your life - cocktail in hand - and staring into the "blueness" of the pristine waters. 

Beyond honeymoons, our expertise spreads across bespoke vacations with family and friends, or just a time alone from work and the bustle of daily life. Whatever it is, we have got you covered. Everyone deserves some bit of pampering, and that is exactly what we have in mind when we take care of your accommodation and your "things-to-do". With over 200 inhabitable islands to choose from, we can take that headache from you and help you choose the perfect spot that suits your needs. 

We dig deep into your interests, likes, dislikes, and passions, to go a step further than a perfect itinerary, and to create thatvacation of a lifetime. What's more — our specialists provide island holiday packages that fall within different budget categories, so that you can have a great time regardless of your financial status.

Pranjal Sarmah

Pranjal Sarmah

It took just one visit to the magical place known as the Maldives for the “360 Degree World” vision to be born. In his own words, Pranjal says visiting the Maldives was like "love at first sight". Although on official duty — while working for a travel agency — he did not fail to notice how intimate and romantic the place was, and how this beautiful place of magical pleasure and relaxation could be made more accessible to others. That was the story of how 360 Degree World became the Maldives Specialists of choice in India, since 2004.

Combining his passion for creating beautiful moments and experiences, with his knowledge of the industry, Maldives and its more than 160 island resorts and island retreats, and wide network, Pranjal can help navigate the murky waters of planning a vacation and give you exactly what you need. You can be sure that an absolute expert is handling your vacation plans.

You can reach him at pranjal@360degreeworld.com, or call him on +91 98112 03263.

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Amosha Lyngdoh

Nothing beats the excellence of first-hand experience, and this is what makes Amosha one of India's leading and most endearing Maldives honeymoon planners. As co-founder of 360 Degree World, Lyngdoh brings to bear her own love for, and experiences from, traveling, adventure, and other activities tied to vacationing. She is a passionate foodie, with a strong craving for exhilarating and mind-blowing activities.

As she often says in describing the birth of the venture, "Love happened, Marriage happened, Maldives happened. Her keen eye for details is a huge advantage and because she has lived the experiences herself; from water sports and adventure sports, to other fun activities on the islands of the Maldives, it is easier for her to tailor a client's package to their needs, persona, and idiosyncrasies. Amosha transforms ordinary moments to memorable experiences, and that's how she can make your honeymoon or romantic getaway truly special.

You can reach her at amosha@360degreeworld.com, or call her on +91 98114 43246.

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