The beauty of Artificial Beach amid Natural Maldives

The beauty of Artificial Beach amid Natural Maldives
Whenever we think of beaches; there is a sheet of peace that wraps our mind and fills it with imaginations induced in various facets.

Beaches have always been one of the top-most travel locations for all kind of tourists and travellers. From surfing, diving, snorkelling to exploring the depths of aquamarine world – even to simply relax & chill – one can indulge in an endless list of activities.

Even though Maldives is a country with islands, its capital city – Male, however, had no beaches to offer to its visitors until very recently. It is due to this factor added by the popularity beaches have, the purpose of creating artificial or man-made beaches came into existence and with/for all good reasons. As the name suggests, these built-in water spaces are fabricated to mimic real beaches, retaining the gorgeousness of nature and provides a serene space to cool off.

Artificial Beach in the Maldives is one such popular tourist and local attraction. Located in Male, one visit to the beach easily proves why: it is a beautiful, breath-taking, white sands with waters perfect for swimming. Due to its location away from the downtown hubbub of the bustling city; it has become the perfect place for people to completely unwind.

What can you do at the Artificial Beach?

Made out of breakwater tetrapods, this crescent-shaped beach is a recently added tourist attraction in the Maldives. It gives people one more reason to explore the bustling city of Male apart from restaurant hopping and street shopping – now, they can relax at a beach as well. This man-made beach is gorgeous with its stunning white sands complimenting the entire blue spectrum of water.

It has a life of its own as is the case with its natural-made counterparts - there are beach shacks for a hearty meal - you can enjoy local vendors offering delicious street food to enjoy by the water's edge.In addition, chatting with the locals, taking a walk and grooving on live music shows are some of the other activities at the Maldivian Artificial Beach. Various carnivals and live music concerts are also held at the beach for public entertainment.

Therefore, with a plethora of lounging areas, cafes and barbeque counters for the foodies along with equal number of water sports for the adventurous, the Artificial Beach is amazing in every sphere!

Beach and Romance has always been hand in hand, since inception, then how can an artificial beach be away from it all. Take a long walk along the beach, witnessing magic in sunrises and sunsets, the sea breeze blowing in your hair and the taste of the sea in the air. The waters of Artificial Beach in Male is clean and not too deep, so that you can go for a quick dip as part of your walkwith your partner.

Since its opening, the Maldivian Artificial Beach has attracted a lot of guests and is increasingly, becoming a part of must-visit bucket list.

Maldives has always proffered diverse travel itineraries; from cuisines – local to across world seas, stunning stay-in options, of course, limitless above water and under activities, beaches, islands, and now an Artificial Beach – a true man-made marvel is only going to add newness to your next Maldives trip.

Put this and other such incredible experiences on your itinerary with 360 Degree World! Our Island Specialists are here to help you put together the most thorough travel plan as per your pocket. And wish to make your Maldivian vacation a momentous one, so much so that you would wish to come back right after you take your flight back home.

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