Secrets of Maldives That You Never Knew!

Secrets of Maldives That You Never Knew!

Nature is beautiful, nature is abundant and nature is intriguing too. And so is a remarkable piece of nature called The Maldives. Known as one of the most romantic destinations of the world, and a home to avid adventurers, this cluster of magnificent islands is a bundle of intrigue too. Studded with luxurious resorts offering most lavish settings, and a vista of endless diving sites, the Maldives houses some mysteries and secrets to it which include mysterious deserted islands, fascinating shipwrecks, and many other hidden gems that we are introducing in this blog. Take a dive into these Maldivian secrets and plan for your next trip to explore some of these.

Submerged Diving – Submarine Magic

For those who wish to devour breathtaking underwater life while staying absolutely dry, submarine diving is a secret worth visiting. This is a unique experience reserved for those who avoid wetsuit and for those who do not wish to dive. The whale submarine is a specialized vessel that takes the adventure explorers to underwater depths of 150m. For non-divers, this is more than an opportune way to experience the fascinating underwater life without going through the palpable fear of diving. The creatures that are only seen on your television screens in National Geographic programs can be witnessed with your naked eye and that too right across the glass walls of the submarine. The best part is that the indoors of the vessel are completely air-conditioned and natural atmospheric pressure lets the explorers breathe at their normal pace.

Underwater Bedroom – Sleep A Few Feet Under The Sea

Secrets of Maldives That You Never Knew!

While you may choose to stay at a stunning resort or plush hotel in the Maldives that offers extravagant ambience; but the best experience one gains is in the underwater bedroom on the remote Conrad Rangali Island. This is one secret that not many have experienced and is worth every penny spent, for it is a breathtaking spot of the Maldives. Your bedroom would be 5 ms below the sea surface and fishes would be your partners for the night, of course at a distance partitioned by glass walls.

Secrets of Maldives That You Never Knew!

Deserted Islands – Your Very Own Robinson Crusoe Experience

The cluster of 1190 islands; the Maldives portrays about 800 of them which are deserted. This makes it a perfect place for the creation of your very own private paradise, wherever you want. Yet, if you sail towards Addu City, landing at Bodu Hazara Island will render you an absolute Robinson Crusoe experience that is unmatched in every sense. To add to all the fun, you can even pack your picnic food and craft a romantic getaway with your loved one, while surrounded by nothing else but the Indian Ocean. A similar experience awaits you at Kanuri Island in Kolumadulu, which is again an intriguing deserted island.

Dive Sites – Some of the Best in the World

The Maldives vista is known for the best diving sites in the world. Ari Atoll is a place well known for popular diving sites, but, for those looking for something more intriguing and romantic at the same time, South Male Atoll is something not to be missed. This remote diving area is intimate, secluded, and is a space where earthy and authentic Maldivian life is met in its absolute flavours. The place is not only a home to most magnificent coral gardens, but it also is a home to plenty of caves and mesmerizing shipwrecks to explore, while experiencing the underwater life.

Whale Shark Diving – Thrill Like Never Before

Secrets of Maldives That You Never Knew!

Before If you are up for the most thrilling adventure, this is a secret that is waiting for you to be uncovered. You are lowered in water with a protective cage wrapped around you while the sharks swim around you, like your best buddies. The actual secret is that the Maldives has taken a step ahead to enhance the experience for you. They make you dive amidst some of the most impressive under-water creatures; the whale shark. The 40ft long, breathtakingly enormous whale sharks weigh up to 21.5 metric tonnes and are a sight to look at. Yet, these massive animals are non-aggressive, playful and extremely docile to be around. That is the reason passionate snorkelers, divers and swimmers do not want to miss out on this secret of Maldives. These secrets of the Maldives are worth exploring in every visit you make to the islands of symphony, love and water life. Make sure you get to the core of each one of them.

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