Maldives, an evergreen hub for honeymooners

Maldives, an evergreen hub for honeymooners

Only honeymooners can understand the emotions entangled when they embark on their journey of togetherness;
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Weddings hold a very special spot in our list of celebrations but, needless to say, it is a tedious process for the bride and the groom. And, what better way to zone out from all the excitement and rituals other than a honeymoon in the Maldives.

Away from the world, strolling on the beach at sunset, loosing in moment with the sound of waves, the sea breeze calling you, the soft white sand moulding around your feet as you walk on them and the tropical aura enveloping you and your beloved in a magical trance. Add to it the endless Spa, Yoga & well-being activities for couples to indulge in together – rejuvenate, invigorate and get pampered to your hearts content. These are the kind of things that create romantic memories for a lifetime to cherish. Hence, why honeymoon travel in the Maldives claim to be as popular as they say they are.

As newlyweds, who doesn’t want a memorable and gorgeous honeymoon?

What better place to do that other than on a gorgeous island, in a luxurious resort by the beach. Walking along the ocean, enjoying candlelight dinners with palm trees swaying gently in the background, enjoying each other’s company amidst a sense of privacy and intimacy in an island.

Honeymooners are spoilt for choices in the Maldives with its large selection of resorts and a variety of activities offered by each one of them, apt for you and your partner. Not to mention, you have constant access to the beach. You can choose to not indulge in any activity and simply wish to enjoy at your own leisure space. A place where you can have your much needed alone time with your significant other. The Maldives is perfect for that, too.

What makes a honeymoon in the Maldives so unforgettable, let us hear it from our latest honeymoon couple Amitav and Shweta.

Maldives, an evergreen hub for honeymooners

“We recently spent our honeymoon in the Maldives and I must say, it was the best time we had together ever since we have been in a relationship and getting married, thereafter. Simply because apart from the romantic ambience and extent of privacy keeping couples in mind, the isles have several attractions for honeymooners to enjoy. The resort we stayed in, Hurawalhi Island Resort, has the largest undersea restaurant that has a glorious view of the ocean and marine life around, as we relish a delish meal together. All thanks to 360 Degree World for adding this experience in our honeymoon bucket list too!”

Other than this, there is so much more to do in the Maldives! The ocean provides so many adventurous opportunities for honeymooners. These include scuba diving, snorkelling, a dolphin safari (yes, you read that correctly – isn’t that amazing?), dinners on the ocean with the sunset as the backdrop, and, not to forget, manta and turtle surfing, apart from endless other ways to enjoy.

The Maldives makes your honeymoon the most romantic one!

Maldives, an evergreen hub for honeymooners

With its array of activities, gorgeous Spa & well-being indulgences, the combination of the ocean, the well-maintained lagoons, lavish rooms to stay and the views they offer and the warmth of a friendly hospitality surely fills a honeymoon with experiences that are bound to stitch themselves in the memory bank forever.

And, honeymooners can always choose from an amalgamation of Maldives honeymoon packages as per their financial feasibility. Our latest honeymooners expressed such joy for getting to experience a week-long honeymoon, “It was a celebration of our togetherness, offering us opportunities to connect much, much deeply. We experienced grandeur, luxury, warmth, exhilaration, thrill and calmness too. We got the time, space and perfect environs to unwind and indulge in the utmost beauty of nature. We think, when it is about honeymooning, there is no reason you should settle for anything less.”

“We had a great experience with 360 Degree World who included these magical experiences in our Maldives honeymoon packages, and with good reason. It is indeed worth it. They paid due attention to our likes and dislikes, our preferences, our suggestions, everything that we wished or desired for, before creating an ideal honeymoon itinerary that stunned us completely. They truly are dependable, reputed, and will give you the best Maldivian honeymoon travel you could ever imagine.”

“Both Pranjal & Amosha Sarmah, the island specialists, and also the owners of 360 Degree World, are honeymoon experts who are here to make your time together, the most romantic experience you can have before your lifelong partnership begins. We lived it, now it is your time!”


Amitav and Shweta
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