Hop on for a majestic Dolphin Safari in the Maldives!

Hop on for a majestic Dolphin Safari in the Maldives!
Do you know that over twenty different dolphin and whale species call the Maldives home, and that, when quantified, is a quarter of the world’s total dolphin and whale population!

Along with mesmerising sunrise & sunset amidst a tropical environ embellished by white beaches, endless skyline complete with an abundance of aqua marine life makes the isles of Maldives a fairy tale kingdom. And, a Dolphin Safari is the magical ride to it ....

During a Dolphin Safari, species like Spinner, Bottlenose, Risso’s, Spotted and Striped Dolphins can be identified. These beautiful creatures feed on the fauna and are a glorious sight when frolicking in droves around the islands water.

The Maldives in the recent years has become one of the most coveted spots for Dolphin Safari; where these super intelligent aquatic beings prance and play in the warm waters, adding a thrilling experience to the travellers’.

About Dolphin Safari

Hop on for a majestic Dolphin Safari in the Maldives!

To experience a Dolphin Safari, you can opt for a sunrise and/or sunset cruise or a Maldivian Dhoni tour. These boat tours transport you to dolphin abundant areas and offer an opportunity to view greater number of dolphin species.

Spinner Dolphins are the most common species, and have a regular, disciplined routine; feeding offshore at nights, entering the islets early mornings and plunging into the open oceans late afternoons. Hence, most of the safaris are organised in the mornings or afternoons to be acquainted with those acutely-cute dolphins playing in their natural environment.

Dolphin Safaris are mostly arranged from the beach at your resort or at the water villa, where you can experience a brilliant view from your private deck.

Why Dolphin Safari?

Hop on for a majestic Dolphin Safari in the Maldives!

As a Maldivian Specialist, we suggest all our guests to most definitely, book one of the many options to partake in a Dolphin Safari. You can hop onboard a cruise or a traditional Maldivian Dhoni while a designated tour guide will take you to the Dolphin sighting areas (ask our Maldivian Specialists for the best options available during booking).

These Dolphin Safaris apart from providing a unique memory to be etched in your travel diaries, also enables to understand the sea life of the Maldives. It gets you up, close and personal with various breeds of Dolphins as well as, sheds insight on their personality and behaviour.

Best locations for Dolphin Sightings

Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll is identified as one of the best dolphin spots in the Maldives. You can lodge in the Meemu Atoll, Medhufushi Island Resort or Hakuraa Hura. All year-round, the Muli Channel has proved tourists with promising experiences with an 85% success rate in sightings.

Better weather conditions helps in greater chances of seeing dolphins. Dolphins are friendly beings – they will follow your boat, perform high jumps when you applaud and are expressive in their own funny ways.

Fun Facts!

It has been found that Dolphins joyfully leap and play in the water when they gain attention from their audience. There are numerous stories of tourist who have had the time of their life by swimming and playing along with these gentle creatures.

We highly coax you to indulge in a Dolphin Safari for a memorable event; one that you will recount for years to come.

We at 360° World strive to proffer experiences like no one!

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