A Fishing Trip in the Maldives Has Its Own Charm! Here's Why!

A Fishing Trip in the Maldives Has Its Own Charm! Here's Why!
The magical isles of Maldives, houses a variety of aquatic life to sport tourists with various kinds offishing trip. One of the famous ones among many is called Angling – primarily also supports livelihood for many local inhabitants.

Explorers indulging in angling can have a bountiful catch of barracuda, bonefish, bream, and snapper. Large species of fish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado are catches for the ones who wish to involve in Big Game Fishing. Angling is also the livelihood for many local inhabitants.

What makes Maldives a fascinating spot for tourists to try their hands on fishing?

Because these tropical isles are streaming with various kind of big and small fish that makes Maldives an idyllic tropical heaven for all kind of fishing.

Additionally, let us take you through the charms of a Maldives fishing trip.

Big Game Angling

To preserve stocks, the Maldives angling industry has declared a ban on fishing from the shore on most islands. Some islets let you fish, but you need to ensure angling permits before setting off on your excursion.

One of the best ways to enjoy angling is by casting your line from boats. One can also participate in 'Big Game Fishing' activity that holds the limelight, mainly, because of the huge fish species inhabiting the deep waters of Indian Ocean.

Guests can choose from a range of half-day to four-day packages of daily angling trips along with transportation facilities to and fro your resort.

Night Angling

Most resorts engage their guests with an interesting game of angling under the starry nights. Night angling excursions offer anglers the chance to reel in snappers, emperors, and squirrel fish. This activity is enjoyed through traditional Maldivian fishing methods, using hand lines with raw fish as bait.

PLEASE NOTE: Harpoons and fishing nets are forbidden to preserve fish stocks. Moreover, fishing of sharks and whales are also prohibited. Preservation of thousands of aquatic species that play a vital role in the diverse ecosystem of coral reefs are a priority in the Maldives.

Flats Fishing

A Fishing Trip in the Maldives Has Its Own Charm! Here's Why!

This is an activity that is apt for seasoned anglers. Flats fishing is done on flat and shallow waters that offer plenty of fishing action. These flats are fertile and rich in vegetation, making them the perfect home for baitfish. And where there is baitfish, there’s bound to be a giant predator fish lurking nearby.

In this spot activity, one can wade and encounter giant trevally, gold spot trevally, big titan, lemon sharks, and many other spiffing aquatic fauna.

Jigging and Popping

A Fishing Trip in the Maldives Has Its Own Charm! Here's Why!

For this kind of sport fishing, the equipments used are much lighter than the traditional trolling or live bait set-up. This fishing style is also far more interactive and, in the case of popping, it is more visual.

Shore Angling

Shore fishing includes live bait fishing, fly fishing, and beach casting using strong braid line and wire for lure fishing. Guests can catch a variety of reef fish, bream, bonefish, barracuda, small grouper, snapper and jacks or trevally. An ideal relaxed day of angling with a simple bait and reel.

Angling Regulations

While anglers may be bubbling with enthusiasm about their Maldives fishing trips, there are certain regulations that they need to follow.

In Maldives only traditional techniques are employed for angling. To promote sustainability, pole and lines are used.

Be sure to fish from the reefs of inhabited islands only after getting the approval of the island office. Similarly, after acquiring the permission of the tourist resort, fish from the reefs of the resort you booked to stay-in.

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