Collection: Oaga Art Resort

What's unique?

Oaga Art Resort opened up for the world during the festive season of 022, singing a welcome song that is their very own. A contemporary brand driven by a Maldivian team, Oaga as a concept revolves around the philosophy of organic community growth. The art resort focuses on elevating the collective story of the Maldive islands with a platform especially made to cater for local artists and craftsmen, while embracing the tranquility offered by the surrounding sun, sand and beaches. Oaga Art Resort redefines the Maldivian experience with a never before seen merger of the traditional lifestyle with the contemporary.


The main bar and pool, Raa Baa boasts of the largest hand-painted mural pool in the Maldives, designed and painted by the resort’s Rahvehi resident creatives. The resort has also incorporated the visions of many local artists in other design aspects such as their furniture and walls. There are over 300 hand-painted murals to spot on the island, ranging from walls, pools, tables, chairs and even sign posts!


Kaa Kada loosely translates to “Food Stalls”. The main restaurant takes inspiration from the ultimate comfort of food served on a busy street. Those small unassuming stalls, the taste of which you can always count on to hit home without fail. The bustling and vibrant street-style carts in this main restaurant offers oriental, south asian, seafood, mixed grill and pasta options. Watch the chefs behind the counter as they prepare the a la carte’ meals. Enjoy it in a humble and cosy island setting. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Kaa Kada are part of the all- inclusive plan offered at Oaga Art Resort. For those looking for dining options after restaurant closing hours, there is one stall called “Midnight Munchies” which is open from 11pm to 6am, all days of the week. If you are too tired to walk to the restaurant, the resort offers ‘Thashibari’ delivery services where the food is delivered on a tricycle and in a tiffin box!

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