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What makes Maldives special?

The Maldives is a destination that urges one to travel with an open mind and move beyond the usual. The picturesque flora and fauna, intriguing sea-life, pristine white sandy beaches, mesmerizing coral reefs, lagoons, azure skies and clear waters are some of the jewels of the Maldives that one can never get enough of.

Thus, travel and stay at these heavenly islands can be made ever fulfilling if you make a choice from a range of Maldives packages for couples, Maldives resort packages, Maldives all inclusive water bungalows. These diverse packages offer unique experiences to soak in the exhaustive magic of the Maldives and take home millions of memories, that too at extremely affordable prices.

How does 360 Degree World help to make it memorable?

At 360 Degree World, we offer various all-inclusive packages that cover accommodation, food and entertainment activities too. Thus, packages like Maldives packages for couples, Maldives resort packages, Maldives all inclusive water bungalows that come at a fixed amount are always the smart choice to save on money while experiencing each wonder of the Maldives.

We do understand that at times you do not wish to splurge yet do not want to make compromises on comfort, location, and dining choices too. Hence, while you work your way through lip-smacking food menus crafted by star chefs, or picking your choices on water sports and learning to windsurf, we make sure you are covered for everything you need to feel the indulgence with. We help you make momentous experiences like sleeping under the star-lit skies and staying at most exotic locations. All this and much more is in the store while you travel with us on affordable Maldives all inclusive packages.

Watch the expert mixologists shake your cocktails and relish the family-friendly vibes with your loved ones as you chill-out in the Maldives on our pocket-friendly packages. Have a look at the 360 Degree World catalogue of all inclusive holidays and explore some of our tailor-made packages full of hand-picked fun and activities. Perfectly designed to suit individual choices, our Maldives all inclusive packages are sure to catch your fancy and you won’t be able to wait before you book an enthralling holiday for you and your special ones.

Just let us know your budget and we will make sure we offer you a Maldivian holiday with planned activities just the way you want, without feeling the pinch in your pocket.We have a choice of Maldives packages starting right from room only, room and breakfast, half board (breakfast and dinner), full board (all meals included but no drinks) and all-inclusive (all meals, alcohol and more). Prices are affordable and we make sure we include food, alcohol, activities and unique experiences in your bespoke package.

Feel alive, sip on beers, snorkel, laze on sandy beaches and make love to the pristine blue waters! That’s the Maldives for you. Book a Maldives all inclusive package NOW. You can thank us later!