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This Maldivian sweet spot is creating waves and stirring romance: Know more about it

As winters have arrived, the Maldivian holiday has gained popularity more than ever before. These islands seem to be on almost everyone’s bucket list; particularly because the global lockdown imposed due to the pandemic had forced people to stay indoors for months together. And for great reason, too: It’s surrounded by crystal clear turquoise sea water, breath-taking sunset views, friendly local people, and some of the most extravagant resorts and water villas in the world.

Yes, the idea of the Maldives is not new to us – we all turn green with envy, we have all seen pictures of couples on Instagram, and we all know what to anticipate. However, what is new is a revered luxury property – The Westin Maldives Miriandhoo Resort. Sited away in the Baa Atoll – which has been named a UNESCO ‘Biosphere Reserve’ – the property inhabits one of the smallest islands in the nation. To put it in literal terms: 14 acres of paradise on earth. It may be new and it may be small, but the resort is already grabbing eyeballs in the Maldives. We found out why! When there’s a mention of having a tropical vacation, the Maldives tops the charts and offers almost everything we could ever want. What’s better is the fact that it’s just four hours farther from Dubai. When you land at the Westin’s welcome jetty – where guests are generally greeted with pleasant Maldivian smiles aplenty – the refreshing beverages loaded full of local herbs and spices add to the fulfilment of vacationing at this resort – an overwater villa, and of course, the Maldives. The question that must be arising is – an overwater villa which topples over into the water? How original! But this property is indeed a game-changer. This one isn’t like the typical thatched huts that you get to see on the island otherwise, as The Westin has transformed the overwater abode like nobody else. A chic, contemporary interpretation planned by award-winning architects, the resort features a domed roof (representing turtles emerging from the sea), which in a way, helps regulate the temperature and maintaining rooms cool.

In fact, it might surprise you to know but all elements used for the designing of the resort are inspired by the ocean and its environment – right from the jetty that resembles waves and clamshells to the restaurant’s staircase that gives a feeling of walking through a shell. The fortunate few who have had the chance to fly directly over the property must have noticed that it’s shaped like a fish. But from the within, it’s all white walls, clean lines, contemporary touches, and smooth woods. Besides, the villas also feature modular walls so guests can create intimate, smaller spaces, or have everything airy and open. The main attraction point - every room has a citrus press so visitors can whip up their own morning juice, a Bluetooth sound system that makes sure the perfect vacation soundtrack plays all the time, and a high-tech Japanese toilet that consists of more settings than even an iPhone would have. There’s nothing luxurious that the room doesn’t boast of – from an enormous bathtub to an indoor as well as outdoor rain showers, a king-size bed to private pools – because why not?

The resort also offers access to a nearby-uninhibited private island – Hulhudhoo – which happens to be at a short distance of 700m by speedboat across the ocean. Host your destination wedding or enjoy a personalized castaway picnic against the backdrop of exceptional ocean views, gentle breeze, swaying trees, and all the elements you must have ever dreamed of, to make your vacation truly memorable. Adrenaline-seekers, meanwhile, are certain to find respite at the incredible water sports center that provides numerous excursions and activities, including diving and snorkeling, and sunset dolphin cruises. Not only that, the guests can even go fishing and have it freshly cooked up for dinner the same night. Want a more hands-on approach? Enroll for the sushi-making masterclass, a baking session, or give the local curries a try. The property even has a well-stocked, updated library with a collection that bibliophiles would go bonkers over! Here, immerse yourselves in the luxury and beauty of nature and revel amidst the scenic island of Miriandhoo.

Date : 01 Dec 2020

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