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The Maldivian Heaven For Solo Travelers

As Jules Renard once said, “On earth, there is no heaven but there are pieces of it”.

Known for its scenic beauty, blissful beaches, serene setting with crystal blue water, the Maldives that has often been considered as a top honeymoon destination, is nothing short of a solo traveller's paradise. Its 1000 coral islands provide a warm embrace to even the solo travellers for unwinding and rejuvenating their mind, body and soul.

If you are a solo traveller looking for some 'me' time then, situated southwest of India and Sri Lanka within the great expanse of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is the destination for you. Made up of over 26 coral reef atolls and the magnificence of the golden azure sands, beaches and sunsets, Maldives will be an authentic spot for your next solo holiday. It is a safe nation with fewer crime rates and more adventure. Famous for its snorkelling and diving, it lets you explore life under water. It is a place where unwinding and relaxing meets natural beauty that leaves you in awe.

What to do as a Solo Traveler?

What to do as a Solo Traveler?

You can hire our own boat to explore the luminous blue waters and what joy it will be, just you and the big open sea. Go scuba diving into the depths of the pristine Indian ocean while the dolphins, blacktip sharks, fishes and whale sharks accompanying you in this amazing journey that you are going to cherish for life. The moment you look under the water, there is an overwhelming experience as you are treated with pulsating corals and mesmerizing species of fishes and other sea creatures. Exploring the coral reefs, the calm water really brings joy to the soul. You can also surf in the waters ticking one more item off your adventure list.

You can indulge in famous Maldivian spa treatments to relax your mind and nourish your body while enjoying the sound of waves. Or just stand there in the quiet and watch the ocean coming to life. You can unravel the local life hidden in the nooks and corners by wandering around and interacting with the locals. If you are a sky freak, you can also enjoy admiring the stars and moon from the gigantic telescopes some resorts have with the help of a local astronomer.

Take a Sip of Maldivian Local Life

Take a Sip of Maldivian Local Life

The Maldivians are warm people with great hospitality and welcoming nature. Travelling alone, eating local food and meeting new people, is the way to be a solo traveller in the Maldives. You can enjoy the true essence of Maldivan local life while rediscovering yourself too. An overwater bungalow which you can rent from the locals will be a treat to your eyes. Learn to cook Maldivian food with locals and enjoy delicious Maldivian meals. You can enjoy island hopping which is as glamorous as it sounds, cruising through the sunny islands of Maldives, being carefree and just enjoying life. You can take a yoga lesson from a local Maldivian yoga expert or meditate as the sun rises up in the horizon to calm and heal your mind and soul. Relaxing under the deep clear blue skies, enjoying a cocktail as you enjoy the view of the setting sun is one of the beautiful experiences you can make in the Maldives.

There are a plethora of adventures waiting for your sandy toes in the deep waters of Maldives, don't abandon them just because you don't have a partner yet. After all, who needs a companion when you have a relaxing bonfire, breeze, beats and the nights full of local stories to accompany you.

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