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Dreaming of sun, sand, and sea? Take a look at Raa Atoll’s ultra-luxury property, Joali Maldives

When you launch a high-end resort in a place, an island to be specific, that’s already occupied by hotels in a row, how on earth is it possible to make an impression in a meaningful way? More than anywhere else, in the Maldives, this is a bigger challenge than it appears. There are very little variants to location as most islands have soft beaches brimming of ten shades of blue and lush green palm trees, that when a new property is established, the marketers move into overdrive, strategizing something unique to make it stand out. ‘How about offering the breakfast service delivered by drone?’ or, ‘Let’s host an underwater dinner date for the guests!’

Joali Maldives, is the latest addition to the island and also one of the very few properties that has gone for no such strange trickery. Instead, it has chosen all things ‘solid’ with great emphasis on good details, fantastic hospitality, delicious food, and well built & designed. Exploring Joali is similar to stepping into an alfresco tropical art gallery. With distinctive design and immersive art lifestyle experience, Joali has managed to set its own benchmark at a destination where boutique hotels and luxury resorts have multiplied more than ever before and steal the show in some way or the other.

Distinguishing oneself as a prestigious property in the Maldives is no easy feat but this is what Joali has accomplished since its commencement in 2018. The luxury resort is the brainchild of Esin Gural Argat – a Turkish entrepreneur in her early 50’s whose family-owned Gürallar Group has investments in the tourism industry, as well as in the glassware, mining, and roof tiles market. Her love for nature can be witnessed in the resort, which was constructed with the sole aim of protecting the ecosystem that included saving over a thousand trees in and around the area. What makes this property exclusive and special is the way it exudes femininity in its branding and design. From the illustrations on Joali’s website and the brand’s motto – joy of life – to the decorative details and interior colors, this resort clearly exemplifies a woman and her diverse, vibrant choices. But the question that arises is how could Argat, a novice, both to the running of hotels, and to the Maldives, leave her mark? To make her dream come alive and set a benchmark in the Maldivian world of hospitality, Argat wisely chose the popular Istanbul-based design studio, Autoban, and the world-renowned Japanese interior designers, Studio Glitt, who unitedly worked with hundreds of craftsmen to turn this property into a classy, unique, and memorable destination.

Joali boasts a total of 73 villas, some of which are overwater. Even better? Each villa has its own infinity pool that overlooks the deep ocean or the blue lagoon. The intricate designs in the beach and overwater villas are stunningly curated – the bathrooms are lined with Norway’s Verde Lapponia marble, while the outdoor showers appear like naval periscopes. The three-bedroom ocean villa comes with a bathtub that’s placed at the edge with windows that face the villa deck. To experience a stunning sunrise view or relax for an hour or two, soak in the tub and admire the dreamy ocean sight during the day or post sundowner. Many ornaments and objects have been rightfully put on display in most of the villas that do not fail to awaken curiosity and excite patrons. The locally, manually-carved bamboo-slatted headboards and hand-carved wood panels are compensated with charming rose-gold washroom taps that resemble huge pebbles. Not to forget the dressing rooms where guests can find slippers like snowy clouds and palm-lead printed kimonos. Stays of its guests are under the vigilant care of a valet and butler service.

Timeless hospitality

Timeless hospitality

Besides, to ensure guests are entertained throughout their stay at the resort, Joali offers direct access to its art collection with a specific art map presenting the journey with myriad works of art and lively designs from multiple artists belonging to different countries of the world. What’s even more interesting is that each villa comes fitted with bicycles to explore the island. When it comes to additional amenities that the property offers, there’s a private beach garden, a spa, and an outdoor terrace with dining area. Snorkelling and diving obsessives are certain to be joyous here during their stay. It’s this innate, luxurious, and sophisticated vibe of the property that instantly aligns Joali Maldives with the frontrunners. This is not a place that’s indulging in crazy shenanigans or unconventional PR gimmicks: its strength lies in its commitment to those timeless hospitality considerations of comfort, food, service, and location – and for these things, it will outshine the rest!

Date : 12 Apr 2021

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