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Cherish the experience of island life at the COMO Cocoa Island, Maldives

The best of vacations always introduces three things – peacefulness, positivity, and privacy. The adventure junkies may seek some thrill at their holidays, but then, on the other hand, there are people who prefer to just soak in the sun and spend every minute indulging in the charming beauty of the island life. For those who are wanting to have such rejuvenation during their next trip, Como Cocoa Island is a discreet resort in the Maldives, which is a perfect escape from everyday woes.

Cocoa is just one among the coral-fringed islands that occupy a little space in the Maldives, dispersed like trinkets tossed from the paradise across 500 miles of sea, off the southwest coast of India. Though small, but it is an aptly formed strip of sand, nothing larger than a football pitch – barely 120 steps from one side to the other by width and 1350 steps to move around. For those who do not wish to spend too much time admiring the crabs, they can collect shells or follow the black-tipped reef sharks that tour the ocean alongside other aquatic beings.

An intimate rejuvenating experience

An intimate rejuvenating experience

Sited in the South Malé atoll, this island boutique resort has 33 luxurious suites assembled over a stilt house style on the lagoon’s clear waters. The interiors of these suites are inspired by the local dhoni boats, which can be spotted in almost every corner of the Maldives. Floor-to-ceiling windows overseeing the water split the villa into a spacious lower level living area and a bedroom on the mezzanine, making it a great pick for vacations planned with family. The rooms are not only comfortable but also immensely spacious, and being deep-sea makes it convenient for the guests to transition between laying in their beds and changing into a swimsuit to take a dive in the turquoise waters of the island’s cove. Just 15 minutes by yacht from Como Cocoa Island lie a range of reefs where people can snorkel with blacktip and whitetip reef sharks. Though non-dangerous to humans, their lightning quick reflexes and long agile bodies make them a dreadful predator to smaller fish. Typically, a brief talk on shark conservation is given in the local area before departing for the reef. On special demand, private excursions can also be arranged by putting a request at the Marine Sports Centre. For utter refreshment, the Como Shambhala Retreat offers massages, Ayurvedic treatments, yoga in the open-air dome, and a large hydrotherapy pool. Como Cocoa’s sophisticated amenities facilitate the hotel’s staff to accommodate the desires and needs of every type of guests, from the newly-weds to the lone traveler, large extended families to the VIP tourists. There are plenty of activities to do on the island to keep both the adults as well as kids entertained and engaged. Couples, in particular, have a lot of options that can help them rekindle their romance and intimacy. Whether one wants to begin the day diving into the lagoon from the private deck or enjoying a beach breakfast, time at Como Cocoa is certain to be delightfully unhurried.

Tease your palate

Tease your palate

When it comes to getting to Como Cocoa Island, Maldives, visitors do not necessarily have to choose the seaplanes since the distance is not extensive and it just takes 40 minutes by speedboat. The boat ride can be taken from the Male International Airport and is also the only cheapest way to reach the property. At Como Cocoa, the emphasis is on locally sourced seafood at Ufaa restaurant, where the chefs make delicate South Indian cuisine merged with European influences. Guests even have the chance to relax at the Faru bar beside the infinity pool where bartenders serve refreshing mocktails and cocktails. The ones who have visited the property assert there’s no better way to spend one’s time than calming in the private sundeck with sunbeds touching the sea – everything seeming like an experience right out of a fairy tale. And with sunshine, wind, and a dry yet pleasant tropical climate around, the period between November and April proves to be the best time to take the most advantage of everything the island has in store for its visitors.

Date : 21 Jan 2021

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