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Amari Havodda: A sneak-peek at Maldives’ luxury resort signifying opulence, style, and grandeur

The Maldives features top-most on most people’s travel bucket list, and with scenic scenes and breath-taking beaches that represent this archipelago, it’s obvious to see why. Finding stylish yet midrange resorts are few and far in the Maldives, but fortunately, the Thai Amari group has introduced the concept to this remote corner of the country. The island, which appears eye-shaped, is exceptionally gorgeous and entirely surrounded by clean white beaches and thick vegetation. Bonus: the resort – Amari Havodda – commenced in 2016 and was built from scratch, thus everything feels glimmery and sleek.

Eat, drink, and stay!

Eat, drink, and stay!

In total, there are 120 villas on the island, each neatly separated into 60 over water and 60 on land. All the villas are meticulously modern in style, with odd rustic interiors, bright tropical colors, and four-poster beds. The upper category beach and water villas have their own personal pools. When here, relaxation and rest is all that you can think of. Long calming strolls along the beach and a few hours of sunbath by the infinity pool are two of the most popular pursuits, whilst the clean blue sea proves an attractive spot to swim and chill from the tropical temperatures. For those who prefer the extras, there’s a premium all-inclusive package that covers all things unique – from cooking lessons to a soothing treatment in the Breeze Spa. Here, there’s an option for the guests to indulge either in facials or massages after a hectic day of touring around. No trip to any place is ever complete without some great food and a stay at Amari is not justified if you don’t pay a visit to one of its three luxurious restaurants; most of which have a definite Asian inclination to the cuisine. If grabbing an extensive buffet is what’s on your mind, eat at Amaya Food Gallery, which even offers destination dining; mostly preferred by couples. This restaurant serves up authentic Maldivian and Thai dishes with an abundance of fresh seafood. Another attractive alternative is the Ember Robatayaki restaurant, which holds a specialty in barbecues and Japanese cuisine. And what’s the end of an evening without some cocktails or fresh mocktails to quench the thirst? Amari’s in-house bar allows you to grab a couple of drinks whilst taking a stroll or having a tranquil dinner date night amidst the sound of the ocean overlapping the shore outside.

Amenities extravaganza

Amenities extravaganza

If there are things are that make this property stand apart from the rest, it is, without a doubt, the amenities and adds-on that include large pools, a well-planned program of excursions, a diving center, and access to water sports on the same as well as other nearby islands. For the adventurer in you, there are options like jet skiing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, and glass-bottom kayaking. Most of the people who’ve visited this property have vouched for snorkelling as an activity to try on the island without fail. The best part – the house reef is a hub to all sorts of exotic and marine life, including reef sharks, eagle rays, and turtles, all of which can be found just a few meters away from the sea. The ones who have visited the villa have time and again reported to have found it hard to leave their rooms; rather the whole villa, thanks to its spaciousness, private views, and classy open-air bathrooms, which leave very little scope for people to venture out to explore more. The rooms come in a variety – right from beachfront villas with and without private pools to majestic overwater villas that find their way downwards into the Indian ocean. And with such offerings, there’s less possibility of honeymooners to skip this property. For a cozy excursion, there’s an option to book a sunset sail on a conventional Dhoni boat that gives a chance to watch the magical Maldivian sunsets in the midst of the ocean whilst sipping on a glass of champagne and savoring delicious seafood over a four-course candlelight dinner – all customizable to fulfill individual tastes.

Amari facilitates just the right amount of privacy, luxury, and romance one would need to experience a little slice of this paradise alongside their partners, family, friends, or spouses!

Date : 19 Dec 2020

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