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Welcome to Maldives!

Sun, sand, sea and shell; these define the exotic tropical ambience of the isles of Maldives. Nestled comfortably on the Indian Ocean in several atolls, there are only two ways to reach this beautiful country – by air and by water. However, cruises operate only at certain times of the year, leaving flights being the most preferred choice to reach this island nation. 

The Maldives comprises 26 natural atolls consisting of dual island chains and is a sovereign archipelagic nation positioned in the Indian Ocean.

It is located on top of a vast underwater mountain range that has around 1,190 islands and sandbanks. All the islands are encircled by a lagoon blessed with crystal clear water. These islands are protected by a reef structure, housing one of the most exclusive and spectacular underwater life.

Travelling from India to Maldives

There are many national and international flights, both direct and indirect, fly Indian travellers to the Maldives. The Male International Airport is situated on an island called Hulhule' and is only for airport use. The main city of Male’ is a 10-minute boat ride away. That is about a kilometre from Male. There is another international airport called Gan, which is located on the island of Gan in the Addu atoll.

Custom Rules

What is absolutely out: no firearms, liquor, drugs and pornography can be taken into the Maldives. It is illegal and will incur official ire.

As for importing alcohol, you need an official licence which is not very easy to procure. You do not have to worry about that as all resorts serve alcohol.

Male’, the capital city, is a dry city. Alcohol is prohibited as the Maldivian residents follow Islamic laws.

In keeping with these laws; dogs, pigs, and pork products are treated illegal.

If you want to bring your pet along; you would need a special licence for your furry companion.

Port Health

Maldives is on a disease-alert always. Since the island nation does not harbour any disease that is bad for public health, nationally and internationally, there is a strict vigil along all ports of entry (air and sea) to keep the threat of diseases at bay.

The authorities keep an eye on all incoming people for possible threats. Such intensive surveillance is also extended to all food products and animals.

Since the Maldives is trying to become a certified Malaria Free nation, incoming visitors from malaria-infected nations have to go through an in-depth inspection.

Visitor care and medical emergencies are foremost in the authorities’ check-list, as the national is also looking for sanitary port certification. Well-equipped medical staff have been deployed for the same.

All cargo and passenger aircraft, which have come from places where Yellow Fever and Malaria are endemic, are screened.

Duty Free Shopping

If you interested in duty free stuff, you will be able to do it only in the departure terminal of the Male’ International Airport. You will be treated to an assorted gallery of consumer goodies, right from watches to alcohol – the entire spectrum to make your retail therapy effective.

Internal Transportation

Travelling within the Maldives is easy. Since it is an island nation, the methods of transport primarily feature boats and planes. Since the airport on Hulhule’ island is a separate entity only a kilometre away, ferries are used to reach Male’.

Ferry service to Male

24X7 airport to capital ferry service.

Dhoni ferry:

Airport jetty to Male’ every 15 minutes.

After midnight: Every 30 minutes.

Getting to resort islands is no different

Private speed boats, dhonis, sea planes and domestic flights. What form of transport will serve you best depends on how far your island is. For shorter distances, a slow-moving dhoni is perfect, although it is seldom used as most resorts have private speed boats. For islands farther away, speed boats do the trick. Even farther? Then you need to take a seaplane, which is also a mind-blowing experience. And for resorts located a few hundred kilometres away, they are connected to the capital by a domestic flight to the airport closest to the resort.

How long will it take you to reach the resort?

It depends on which island resort you are going to and on what kind of a boat. It also depends on how calm the sea is.

In the event that you arrive in Male’ in the night, there are early morning ferries to resorts. However, if the weather conditions are not favourable for transport (which is not a regular feature), you may have to stay overnight in Male’, which is a good thing because Maldives follows the ‘safety first’ mantra.

In the event that you have to stay back in Male’, you could be put up right on Hulhule’ Island airport hotel. You may also be taken to a hotel in Male’, since it takes only 10 minutes to reach the capital by boat. An even easier option to stay at one of the many blossoming hotels on the newly made island of Hulhumale’. All this of course, entails extra costs.

Generally, seaplanes do not fly at night.

If your only mode of transportation to your resort of stay is a seaplane, you may/would have to share the flight with other arriving international passengers. So, there may be a short waiting period as international planes arrive at different times.

This makes perfect sense. It is better to have one plane flying a group of passengers than to be taken one at a time. This reduces carbon footprint as well.

Sea planes of the Maldives

The most easy and frequent commuting convenience you would witness in the Maldives are the Sea Planes. They transport visitors and guests to all resort islands from Male, the capital city. And, play a pivotal role in offering a beautiful start to your journey from the minute you set foot in the Maldives.

Why Sea Planes you ask? The answer is simple. Since the Maldives comprises many islands that are scattered in the Indian Ocean, a sea plane’s ability to take off and land on water, makes it the perfect vehicle for transfers from the mainland. This also makes sea planes an exciting option as you get a bird’s-eye-view of the most magnificent collection of Maldives islands.

360* World assures you to provide the best planes and services via our network, so that your first brush with the Maldives is nothing short of a dream.

Marhaba at Velana International Airport in Male!

Once you land in Male International Airport (built on an island), take a short walk to the airport building to undergo the standard airport procedures. Upon clearing the immigration formalities and claiming your luggage, you will enter the Arrivals Hall; this is where the resorts and tour operators have their counters or representatives.

Presently, there is one major plane operator that is not only the oldest sea plane operator, but the most experienced one, in the business of plane transfers - Trans Maldivian Airways (TMA).

The helpful airport representatives will assist you to the TMA check-in counter. After checking in and dropping off your baggage you will be transferred, by an air-conditioned minibus, to the TMA terminal. TMA has three terminal buildings at Male International Airport.

Your next step on the journey to paradise!

Our team will welcome you at the TMA terminal and inform you about the time of your departure and the gate you will be boarding at. While you’re waiting for your flight, you’re welcome to enjoy snacks and drinks (indoor and terrace seating available) at the Café.

TMA is renowned to proffer an engaging and a comfortable transfer from the airport to the resorts. Their slew of services also include charter flights, aerial photography and visits to the many uninhabited islands of the Maldives for the day. Some of the value-additions offered with these trips are buffet and snorkelling.

Sea plane transfer timings

Male’ to the islands:

First Departure: 0600 hrs approx.

Last Departure: 1600 hours approx.

A passenger arriving after 1600 hours may have to stay overnight at the airport hotel or in Male’.

If your flight is delayed and you miss your seaplane transfer to your resort, you may have to crash for the night in Male’ or on Hulhule’ island. This is a cost you will have to bear.

There is some bad news now: While your seaplane transfer will be fixed at the earliest next day, you will have to pay for it. Why? Because delay of an international flight is not a resort’s responsibility.

Also, if you miss a night at your resort due to late arrival of your flight to Male’, you will have to forfeit the cost of the night you missed at your resort.

From Islands to Male:

First Departure: 0700 hrs approx.

Important: If your flight leaves Male’ before 0900 hrs, you may have to reach Male’ the night before.

Last Departure: 1500 hrs approx.

Important: You may have to book a room for the day in Male’ if your flight leaves in early next day.

PLEASE NOTE: For seaplane transfers, maximum weight allowed per person is 20 kgs. You will be charged if you baggage is heavier than that.

OUR ADVICE: Travel light. The resort will provide you with everything that you would need for a beach holiday.

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